ECTS Methodology

HKS implements ECTS, the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. If the receiving HEI implements the ECTS programme, then HKS accepts allocated credits per course attended. If there is no ECTS implemented, the University ECTS Coordinator, together with the ECTS Coordinators and the Head of each Department, estimate the course workload and, according to the rules of awarding credits for our courses, assigns corresponding credits such as needed. HKS outgoing students must earn at least the equivalent of 30 ECTS credits per semester at the receiving HEI. The allocations of ECTS credits should be done before mobility, and included into the Learning Agreement. Credit and grades for courses attended at the receiving HEI will be included in the Diploma Supplement at HKS.

Grades: HKS takes the percentage range that corresponds to a final grade at the receiving HEI and awards the grade according to the HKS grade system:

  • pass grades:

– excellent (5) – from 90 to 100% points

– very good (4) – from 80 to 89.9% points

– good (3) – from 65 to 79.9 % points

– satisfactory (2) – from 50 to 64.9 % points

  • fail grade:

– unsatisfactory (1) – from 0 to 49.9 % points

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