A word from Dean

Dear students,

The School of Medicine of the Catholic University of Croatia’s (CUC) relies on a centuries-long tradition of education of future physicians at Catholic universities throughout Europe and the world. It took almost a decade to develop medical studies at the Catholic University of Croatia. In order to create an environment integrating basic, translational and clinical research, the CUC’s School of Medicine has developed a programme of integrated undergraduate and graduate university studies of medicine drawing upon state-of-the art concepts of similar studies in Europe and the world. Classical subjects are transformed into functionally connected units that enable the connection of knowledge and skills, and the development of multidisciplinarity. Physicians with such an education are able to adapt to the challenges of technological and social development. Much attention has been paid to elaborating part of the programme that gives emphasis to humanistic knowledge and the development of students’ – future physicians’ – communication skills. At the same time, the emphasis is on a strong scientific and research background.

To study medicine at the CUC’s School of Medicine means to study in accordance with the principles of the cutting-edge medical curricula.

In view of its Christian roots and humanistic education focused on care, the CUC’s School of Medicine advocates the development of inspiring and innovative medical education closely linked to research and clinical practice. The objective of such an approach is to teach students research skills so that they may be able to create new knowledge themselves, having at the same time high ethical awareness and responsibility. Thus, they will contribute to the continuous improvement of health care and serve the community.

To enrol in the studies of Medicine at the Catholic University of Croatia means to become part of the project of education and formation of future physicians and research conducted at the University. The objective is to educate physicians capable of combining professionalism, competence and sensitivity for the human being, as Pope Francis put it: „By its definition, medicine is serving human life, which sees the integral whole of the person, including their spiritual-material and individual-social aspects. Hence, medicine is at the service of the person, of the whole person, of every person.”

If the mission of the CUC’s School of Medicine could be described in one sentence, we could say that it is not to teach how to treat an illness, but rather how to treat an ill person.


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