Department of Communication Sciences

A Word from the Head of the Department

Prof Danijel Labaš, PhD Head of the Department of Communication Science

Dear secondary-school graduates, prospective Communication Science students!

Communication is one of the central concepts characterising the present-day life of people and society in all its aspects. This does not mean that people did not communicate in the past. On the contrary, starting from the fact that we are social creatures mutually dependent and that no one is an “island”, we can see that people have always communicated and that life without communication is unthinkable. However, our time is characterised by new ways and many opportunities for communication mostly thanks to significant technological and scientific achievements.

The Department of Communication Science at the Catholic University of Croatia studies communication in all its aspects, in cooperation with related sciences and other akin studies. Following contemporary trends in sciences, the studies will link modern theoretical knowledge on the one hand with the proper use and exploitation of individual media on the other. A prerequisite is continuous work and student-teacher interaction, especially during exercises and seminars. The course of study in Communication Science also includes value education since the objective is to enable future communication experts to be present and participate in public life.

The objective pursued is to shape and reinforce a culture of dialogue and cooperation within Croatian society. Given the powerful processes of globalisation within our pluralistic societies of today, we feel that the study of and training for intercultural communication becomes imperative. The role of the media in this regard is irreplaceable. Furthermore, the course of study in Communication Science at the Catholic University of Croatia offers the students an opportunity to get acquainted with the basic terminology of theology and the life and nature of the Church. Thereby, prospective students will be trained to follow and report on religious topics, in addition to their qualification for competent communication experts.

The course of study at the Department of Communication Science is structured and implemented in accordance with modern scholarly standards aligned with the guidelines of the Bologna Process.
We recommend prospective students and all those who are interested in studies in Communication Science at the Catholic University of Croatia to follow enrolment information at the portal Postani student [Become a Student] and on the web-site of the Catholic University of Croatia.





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