Department of Psychology

A Word from the Head of the Department

Asst Prof Dragan Glavaš, PhD Head of the Department of Psychology

Dear current and prospective Psychology students at the Catholic University of Croatia,

I am delighted that you have chosen the course of study in Psychology at the CUC. While it respects the rules of the profession and emphasises excellence in knowledge and teaching, this course of study features a prominent educational dimension. It primarily refers to the education of the whole person who will, throughout their life and work, rely on universal human values such as respect, community, tolerance, empathy, respecting all our similarities and differences. The course of study in Psychology at the Catholic University of Croatia follows the model of reputable European and American especially Catholic universities, and shares the same foundation arising from the Bologna Declaration, the European Diploma in Psychology, the Code of Conduct of the Catholic University of Croatia and the Code of Ethics of the Psychological Profession of the Croatian Chamber of Psychology.
Upon completing undergraduate university studies in Psychology, students earn a Bachelor of Psychology academic title (bacc. psih.). The undergraduate course of study in Psychology includes substance from different fields of psychology and disciplines akin to psychology, and acquisition of required knowledge, skills and competences for graduate studies in Psychology. It includes compulsory and elective courses (related and unrelated to psychology, common). Upon completing graduate studies in Psychology, students earn a Master of Psychology title (mag. psih.). The course of study includes acquisition of required professional knowledge and skills for practising psychology. The graduate course of study also includes compulsory and elective courses, whereby special reference should be made to compulsory and elective courses in practical training held in a number of Croatian institutions and organisations with which we have agreements of cooperation.

I would like to refer to the Laboratory for Psychological Research, which opened in September 2014. It is an integrated laboratory with modern equipment for observation and experimental psychology, which is at the same time the venue of some of our classes during the course of study.
Also noteworthy is the Centre for Psychological Counselling of the Catholic University of Croatia where our teachers work and where you can go if you have difficulties in your student life and work, or everyday problems in your life in general.
All our teachers are here for you, prospective psychologists, to pass on their vast knowledge and experience to you. Therefore, your feedback on our work matters.

We expect you to actively participate in classes, to be conscientious, persistent and hard-working in acquiring the required knowledge and skills; we expect you to be creative and to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities that our University offers.
We wish you every success during your studies at our University!
Information on enrolment is available at this link.

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