About HKS

The Catholic University of Croatia was founded on 3 June 2006 by the Decree “Luce vera illuminata” (Illuminated by the True Light), which was signed on behalf of the founder, the Zagreb Archdiocese, by the Archbishop of Zagreb, Josip Cardinal Bozanić.

The Catholic University of Croatia belongs to a wider group of public Catholic universities, which have attained a strong reputation in the societies in which they operate. The formation of the internal organization of the Catholic University in Croatia was based largely on the available experience and models used by the best universities in that group, taking account of the Croatian social context and the specific features of the Croatian higher education system.

The Catholic University of Croatia promotes the protection and development of human dignity; it contributes to the strengthening of the Catholic and Croatian national identities; it promotes the national cultural heritage; it respects and advocates scientific excellence and the autonomy of science; it works for the establishment and support of appropriate relationships and cooperation with research, scientific, teaching, cultural and church institutions, especially Catholic universities around the world, for the sake of mutual exchanges of insights, experience, knowledge and skills, especially in the field of science, culture and art.

The mission of the Catholic University in Croatia is the continual search for truth through research, and the preservation and transfer of knowledge for the welfare of society, where particular attention is paid to educating the whole person on the basis of the Catholic tradition and spirituality.

The vision of the Catholic University of Croatia is to offer distinctive programs in comparison to those already existing in Croatia, in terms of content and the Catholic spirit of the University, but with respect for the highest standards of scientific integrity, respecting the given values: the development of the whole person, the Catholic identity, wisdom and investment.

At the Catholic University in Croatia there are currently five study departments: the Department of History, the Department of Psychology, the Department of Sociology, Department of Nursing and the Department of Communication Science, and the School of Medicine . For these study courses the University has received permanent permits for conducting under-graduate and graduate courses.

The University motto: LUX VERA – the True Light

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