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4th Osijek Days of Bioethics
At the international conference of the 4th Osijek Days of Bioethics in Osijek, on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, Ana Tomičić, Anamaria Malešević, and Anto Čartoloni delivered a talk entitled: “Ceci n’est pas une… éthique! The question of art in the context of artificial intelligence and health ethics“. The presentation referred to the ethical reconsideration of artificial intelligence through art, that is, to the value of cognitive and emotional knowledge that art conveys, which is complementary to scientific knowledge. They further showcased, through two examples of art installations, how different ways of aesthetic experience contribute to the field of knowledge...

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How far North is Digital Phenotyping?
On Friday, October 1st, Ana Tomičić and Anamaria Malešević participated to the 2nd International Conference On the relation between Artificial Intelligence, Social sciences and Humanities organised by the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and the Luxemburg School of Business. They presented part of their study’s results, with particular reference to the strong misbalance in the scientific production from the Global North and South, resulting in cognitive injustice in knowledge production in the realm of digital phenotyping. Their presentation addressed the question, as stated in its title: How far North is Digital...

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Dr Čartolovni leader of Goodbrother working group
Digit-HeaL research lab leader Anto Čartolovni became the leader of working group WG1: Social responsibility: Ethical, legal, social, data protection and privacy issues in COST project – Goodbrother. Goodbrother aims to increase awareness of the ethical, legal, and privacy issues associated with audio- and video-based monitoring and propose privacy-aware working solutions for assisted living by creating an interdisciplinary community of researchers and industrial partners from different fields, stimulating new research and innovation. More information on the project can be found on Goodbrother’s website at...

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Tallinn Summer School
Members of the Digit-HeaL team Ana Tomičić and Anamaria Malešević participated from July 19-30 in the summer school of the University of Tallinn. The course, entitled Design of Digital Service for Health Behavior Change, provided participants with basic knowledge of behavioral changes and techniques they can use in the digital domain to respond to health problems. Through workshops and group work, the participants applied what they had learned by producing a prototype application to address a chosen health-related issue. In collaboration with other members of their group, Ana and Anamaria designed an app that aims to educate women and raise awareness about breast cancer...

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