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15th May 2019

Call for abstracts open

15th September 2019

5th October 2019

Abstract submission deadline

20th October 2019

Notification of abstract acceptance

1st November 2019

Call for manuscript submission

1st December 2019

Final programme of the conference

1st February 2020

1st March 2020

Manuscript submission deadline

09 May 2019

We are happy to announce our second invited speaker, Professor Manfred Spitzer, a renowned neuroscientist, psychiatrist and psychologist from the University of Ulm in Germany, author of numerous professional and scientific papers and books, including the book Digitale Demenz: Wie wir uns und unsere Kinder um den Verstand bringen, which is translated to Croatian. Prof. Spitzer will give a lecture entitled “How new technologies affect our lives and lives of our children” which will also serve as an introduction to a round table of experts from various fields. You can read more about the lecture, as well as about Professor Spitzer, by clicking here.