15th May 2019

Call for abstracts open

15th September 2019

5th October 2019

Abstract submission deadline

20th October 2019

Notification of abstract acceptance

1st November 2019

Call for manuscript submission

1st December 2019

Final programme of the conference

1st February 2020

1st March 2020

Manuscript submission deadline

Forms of participation

Conference programme entails the presentation of scientific and professional papers from all areas of psychology, related and other fields on the theme Brain and mind: promoting individual and community well-being.

Possible forms of participations are:

Note: Since the conference has international character, we encourage all participants to submit their abstracts in English so that our guests from other language speaking areas can participate in all conference activities. You can submit your abstracts in either English or Croatian.

Oral presentation

Oral presentation of an individual paper in the allocated duration of 10 minutes, followed by a 5-minute discussion. Abstract submissions for oral presentations must include the name and the institution(s) of the author(s), title, the description of research problems and methodology, main results, and conclusion (up to 300 words excluding the title, name and institution of the author(s)).

Poster presentation

Presentation of an individual paper in the form of a poster in B1 size (100 cm height x 70 cm width). Paper submissions must include name of the institution(s) and the author(s), title, description of research problems and methodology, main results, and conclusion (up to 300 words excluding title, name, and author(s)’s institution).


An integrated set of individual paper presentations by different authors gathered around a common topic and moderated by the symposium organiser. The symposium should cover at least 4 individual paper presentations with a final expert overview of the discussant of choice, or 5 individual paper presentations without the final overview. Each paper should be presented in a 15-minute time frame, and at least 15 minutes should be allocated for a general discussion with overall duration of the symposium up to 120 minutes. The discussant’s name and central idea of the symposium should be explained in the abstract submitted by the symposium organiser (up to 300 words). Abstracts of individual papers should also be submitted by the symposium organiser and should follow the rules for regular paper presentations. The registration process, however, should be completed individually by all symposium participants.


Application of practical activities with the aim of increasing knowledge and skills of registered participants, organised by one or more workshop leaders with overall duration of 90 minutes. Workshop abstract submission must include a short description of the thematic framework, purpose, objective, and outcomes of the workshop (up to 300 words) and state the workshop title, expected duration, target group and, if necessary the maximum number of participants.

Round Table

Discussion on relevant professional and/or research topics whose primary purpose is the exchange of theoretical, technical, and methodological ideas, knowledge, and opinions. Organised and led by a registered moderator responsible for preparing debate questions with a minimum of 4 participants of own choice. The overall duration of the round table discussion should be not exceed 90 minutes with a 60-minute time cap for general discussion with additional 30 minutes for audience questions. Round Table abstract submissions must include a short description of topic relevance with 3-5 central debate questions (up to 300 words).  The participants’ names, institutions, and e-mail addresses should also be stated in the submission.



The Programme Committee will review all submitted abstracts. Decisions regarding acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author by 20 October 2019. The Book of Abstracts will be published as a .pdf document ready for download before the opening of the conference.

Presenting authors need to bring their presentation with them and transfer it to the computer in the hall in which that particular section is held, at least 10 minutes before the section begins. Materials for poster presentations’ setup will be provided by the conference organiser, but the presenting author needs to bring their poster printed in desired format (size B1: 100 cm in height and 70 cm in width).


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