15th May 2019

Call for abstracts open

15th September 2019

5th October 2019

Abstract submission deadline

20th October 2019

Notification of abstract acceptance

1st November 2019

Call for manuscript submission

1st December 2019

Final programme of the conference

1st February 2020

1st March 2020

Manuscript submission deadline

Proposal Submission

Proposal submission – general guidelines

The Program Committee invites you to submit your scientific and professional papers from all areas of psychology, psychology-related, and other sciences under the theme Brain and mind: promoting individual and community well–being between 15 May and 15 September 2019. You can submit your abstracts through the online submission form. Abstracts submitted by any other means or after the submission deadline, as well as the applications that do not follow these instructions, will not be considered.

Since the conference has an international character, we encourage all participants to submit their abstracts in English so that our guests from other language-speaking areas can participate in all conference activities. You can submit your abstracts in either English or Croatian. The Programme Committee will not consider abstracts that in any shape or form deviate from the standards of the chosen language. Participants whose applications are accepted are required to register for the conference in a timely manner in order for their activity to be included in the Conference Programme and Book of Abstracts. Decisions regarding acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author by 20 October 2019. The Book of Abstracts will be published as a downloadable .pdf document before the opening of the conference.

The programme of the 2nd International Scientific Conference of the Department of Psychology will primarily include original scientific and professional presentations and other activities (e.g., symposia, workshops, round tables) that contribute to the promotion of the well-being and raising the quality of life of people with brain damage, developmental and other difficulties, as well as their families or the community they live in. However, activities outside the central theme framework which deal with other topics also relevant to promoting the well-being of the individual and the community are welcome and can be submitted as well.

Choosing the appropriate form of participation while applying through the online submission form is obligatory. Available forms of participation are described in more detail here. Regardless of the chosen form of participation, authors should also consider the following:


  • The application must include the abstract title, the author/authors, the affiliated institutions of both the corresponding and presenting author, the abstract and the keywords.
  • The title of the paper contain up to 150 characters with spaces. The abstract can contain up to 300 words. Along the abstract, 3 to 5 keywords also need to be included.
  • Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all the information in the submitted abstract. Corrections after the submission will not be possible.
  • Before applying, authors should be aware that both data collection and data analysis procedures need to be fully completed. In addition, the authors need to make sure that the same results are not presented or published elsewhere. Otherwise, the application will not be considered by the Program Committee.
  • If the authors, whose submission is accepted and included in the programme, are unable to attend the conference, it is expected that they inform the Programme Committee in good time. If that person was also supposed to present the submitted paper, Programme Committee should be informed of who from the submitted co-author list of the paper is going to present it. Other presenter replacements and subsequent changes to submitted activities are not possible.
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