15th May 2019

Call for abstracts open

15th September 2019

5th October 2019

Abstract submission deadline

20th October 2019

Notification of abstract acceptance

1st November 2019

Call for manuscript submission

1st December 2019

Final programme of the conference

1st February 2020

1st March 2020

Manuscript submission deadline

Thematic areas

  • Developmental difficulties and behavioural disorders in children and youth and their impact on the individual, family, and community
  • Cognitive and emotional difficulties and the quality of life in persons with brain damage and their families
  • Aging, well-being, and the quality of life in elderly persons
  • Stress and mental health – individual’s and community’s adjustment to traumatic life events
  • Strategies and approaches for maintaining and improving cognitive functioning in persons of different ages
  • Treatment of brain diseases and risk and protective factors in brain health
  • Traditional and modern theoretical, methodological, and diagnostic approaches in brain and behaviour research
  • The role of psychologists and other professionals in a multidisciplinary team – prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of persons with brain damage, developmental and other disabilities
  • Neuroethics and socially responsible behaviour in diagnostics, research and treatment
  • Inclusive education
  • Raising awareness about the uniqueness of people with brain damage, developmental and other disabilities
  • Programs and social policies aimed at improving the well-being and quality of life of people with brain damage, developmental and other difficulties