The project “Critical analysis of misinformation on religious topics” of the Catholic University of Croatia and its partners Croatian Catholic Radio and the Croatian Society of Catholic Journalists passed the public call for grants for the establishment of a system for checking the accuracy of information within the framework of the measure “Establishment of media fact-checking and a system of public disclosure of information”.

“In addition to checking disinformation itself, we will create a tool that will enable checking disinformation, and we will launch an elective course dedicated only to media and disinformation. We will also create a university textbook and dedicate a lot of time to the training of professional associates in press offices throughout Croatia, as well as students and pupils who must know how to recognize disinformation in the religious space”, explained Assoc. Ph.D. Lana Ciboci Perša for IKA.

Experts and scientists from the fields of communication studies and journalism will participate in the project, and special units will be launched within the partner institutions: for example, a separate editorial unit will be launched at HKR that will deal with checking the accuracy of information on religious topics, and a new column “Voice of Truth” will be launched on the portal of the Croatian Catholic Network.

This project is the first of its kind that will deal with the systematic fact-checking of religious topics in the Croatian media space.

The bearers of the measure implemented as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan are the Ministry of Culture and Media and the Agency for Electronic Media.

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