The first generation of participants of the Integration–Educational Program (IEP) successfully completed the teaching cycle and were awarded certificates of participation and successful completion on Tuesday, 3rd October 2023, at the Catholic University of Croatia (CUC). The first generation of the Program brought together 26 participants from Ukraine who acquired knowledge of the Croatian language, culture, and history through intensive classes four times a week. Implementation of the Program began on 7th February, 2023 at the CUC, and the program was created and implemented by teachers and experts from the same university.

The rector of the Catholic University of Croatia, Prof. Željko Tanjić, Ph.D., project leader Assistant Professor Anto Čartolovni, president of the Ukrainian community of the City of Zagreb, Marija Meleško, representative of the Ukrainian national minority of the City of Zagreb, Viktor Filima addressed the audience. After the award ceremony, Tetiana Kalinkina from the group of participants who have completed the IEP and Kristina Stadnyk from the new group of participants shared their experience and expectations of the Program.

In the last part of the ceremony,  participants performed songs Jak tebe ne ljubiti, Kyjeve mij (How not to love you, my Kyjev) and Vjeruj u ljubav (Believe in Love) by Oliver Dragojević in two languages ​​- Croatian and Ukrainian. The second generation with 40 participants also participated in the event and were introduced to the CUC teachers who will teach language, history, and culture in three modules.

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