Research assistant in the Digital Healthcare Ethics Laboratory (Digit-HeaL) Anamaria Malešević is spending summer time at the University of Oxford as part of the Summer doctoral program (SDP).

The Oxford Internet Institute gathers outstanding PhD students from around the world for its SDP at the leading global university, the University of Oxford. This year, the prestigious program invited 30 PhD students from North and South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe who are conducting research related to the Internet and other digital technologies in their dissertations. It is also an opportunity to present their research and connect with students and experts in the field. The program consists of intensive teaching and structured learning through lectures, seminars, and consultations with leading academics in Internet studies and digital technologies. The multidisciplinary approach to doctoral theses enables improving their quality and developing new ways of thinking. It places a strong emphasis on research methodology and innovative approaches. Participants presented their research topics to experts in the field and received feedback and guidance for further development.

Research Assistant Malešević is pursuing her PhD in Sociology at the Catholic University of Croatia, and she is writing her thesis on digital healthcare in Croatia under the supervision of Ass. Prof. Anto Čartolovni and Assoc. Prof. Ivan Balabanić.

Participation in the program is made possible with the financial support of the Croatian Science Foundation (HrZZ) as part of the project (New) ethical and social challenges of digital technologies in the healthcare field.

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