PhD fellow Luka Poslon from the Digital Healthcare Ethics laboratory (Digit-HeaL) attended this year’s Continuing Education Short Course Health Data and AI: Responsible Innovation, Ethics and Regulatory Strategies in Zürich from January 29 to January 31, 2024. The course was organized by the Health Ethics & Policy Lab at the Department of Health Sciences & Technology and ETH AI Center at the ETH Zürich.

The three-day course provided an in-depth understanding of the ethical and regulatory challenges arising from the use of big data and AI in the health sector. The course covered topics such as privacy, bias, transparency and explainability, equity and non-​discrimination. An overview of recent regulatory developments and management reactions was also provided throughout the course. The dynamic academic environment at ETH allowed the attendees to engage in conversation with leaders, practitioners, and leading scientists in the fields of AI an healthcare. It is necessary to continue addressing these issues because of the growing influence that these technologies are having on society.

Learning goals of the course included the following:

  • Understanding the health data ecosystems, the data lifecycle and value chain, and the stakeholders involved;
  • Identifying and critically examine key ethical challenges related to the use of health data and AI through real-​ life examples and case studies;
  • Evaluating current strategies and approaches to address some of the main ethical challenges, their strengths as well as limitations;
  • Analyzing regulatory trends and the frameworks governing data uses, AI and the health applications resulting from them.

You can find more information about this course at the link.


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