On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, at the Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb, an international conference entitled Privacy-friendly and trustworthy technology for society will be co-organized by the Digital Health Care Ethics Laboratory (Digit-HeaL) and COST Action 19121 GoodBrother on Privacy-Aware Audio and Video-Based Applications for Active and Assisted Living (AAL).

The conference aims to advance the knowledge on critical ethical concepts such as privacy, trust, and transparency of (AAL) technologies. The current pandemic has, even more, increased the need to invest in Active and Assisted Living (AAL) technologies. Thanks to their high potential in enabling remote care and support, AAL has the potential to improve the European healthcare system. However, the success of such technologies highly depends on their trustworthiness and ability to process information in a privacy-friendly manner.

Moreover, the conference explores links, overlaps, and solutions between current proposed regulations such as the AI Act and other enforced regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation and the Medical Device Regulation.

Participation in the conference is free, but only with prior registration depending on the form of participation.

For more information on the conference please click on the following link.