Mission, Vision, Values and Identity of the Catholic University of Croatia

The Development Strategy of the Catholic University of Croatia until 2020 was adopted in 2014 and defined mission and vision of the University.


Mission of the Catholic University of Croatia

The mission of the Catholic University of Croatia is a continuous search for the truth through research, and the preservation and transfer of knowledge for the welfare of society. In this regard, special attention is paid to the education of the whole person in the Catholic tradition and spirituality on the basis of the Apostolic Constitution on Catholic Universities Ex corde ecclesiae. The University’s acts define its task as offering higher education and research while developing teaching, scientific, research and professional work including accompanying work. By connecting research, artistic creativity and the implementation of study programmes, the University develops science, art and the profession, prepares students to carry out their professional activity based on scientific knowledge and methodology, as well as artistic values. Furthermore, it creates young staff in higher education, science and art, takes part in realising the social interests of the students and promotes international cooperation in higher education as well as in science and art.


According to its Statute, the activity of the Catholic University of Croatia is based on the following: principles of Catholic teaching with high and special requirements with respect to freedom and responsibility; evaluation, preservation, promotion and protection of the Croatian tradition and national heritage as well as culture as a whole; academic autonomy, academic freedoms and authorities of the University; public character of its work; indivisibility of university teaching, research and teaching, and scientific research, and artistic creation; reciprocity and partnership of members of the academic community; ethics of all members of the academic community; alignment with the European system of higher education; respect for and assertion of human rights in line with the teaching of the Church; promotion of the understanding of the Catholic faith and the Catholic and Croatian culture and thought; unity of professional and educational work in order to ensure qualification for specific professional knowledge and skills; the concept of life-long education; link with pre-tertiary education; interaction with society and the commitment to develop the social responsibility of students and other members of the academic and scientific community; international quality benchmarks and protection of intellectual property.


Vision of the Catholic University of Croatia

The vision outlined in the University’s Development Strategy is the following: in 2020, the University firmly stands on the foundations of its crucial supporting elements: the University’s organisational chart is defined and verified; the University campus is refurbished, equipped and furnished, expanded in its essential elements and put to use to enable the growth and development of an integrated University; the funds for the University’s growth have been spent efficiently, and the model of sustainable operations fully implemented; the University has attracted excellent people in all areas of its operations, from students, teachers, researchers and artists to administrative and other personnel; a range of quality undergraduate, graduate and doctoral study programmes have been developed; research and professional excellence has been developed in different fields of science and art; various cooperation channels have been established with the extra-campus community and society at large; the University is recognisable nationally and internationally; the University is the place where all its stakeholders enjoy coming, they contribute with care to its growth and development and mutually enrich one another spiritually and intellectually.


Values of the Catholic University of Croatia

Our aspiration is to align our mission with our values that are our constant guidelines on the path to our objective:

Development of the whole person – based on Catholic heritage, education, study and knowledge we want to educate people capable of responsible activity in society and the Church.

Catholic identity – we believe that the Catholic identity is no obstacle, but an enrichment and orientation of scientific, research and university work towards broader horizons of truth.

Integrity – we live what we preach. Our words and our deeds are a reflection of reliability, honesty and the truth we strive for.

Achievements – we expect excellence from every individual and the entire university community in achieving the set objectives.

Investments – we are prepared to constantly invest in the University as to be able to offer better prospects to young people to realise what they aspire to in life.

Prudence – knowledge and wisdom, freedom and truth, love and reason.


Identity of the Catholic University of Croatia

The Apostolic Constitution Ex corde ecclesiae stipulates that Catholic universities are born from the heart of the Church. In this document, Pope Saint John Paul II defines a Catholic university as a place dedicated to research, to teaching and to the education of students who freely associate with their teachers in a common love of knowledge. In the same document, St John Paul II emphasises that through the encounter which it establishes between the unfathomable richness of the salvific message of the Gospel and the variety and immensity of the fields of knowledge in which that richness is incarnated by it, a Catholic University enables the Church to institute an incomparably fertile dialogue with people of every culture. The Pope of Blessed Memory invites the entire ecclesial Community to give its support to Catholic Institutions of higher education confident that they are necessary for her growth and the development of Christian culture and human progress. The Catholic University of Croatia has its point of reference in the aforementioned Apostolic Constitution. The Catholic identity is the cultural and ethical background of the Catholic University of Croatia.

In this context, the Catholic identity at the CUC is shaped through teaching and the process of scientific research including all the other University activities.

Our aspiration is to become an academic community with researchers representing various fields of human knowledge and an academic institution where Catholicism is vividly present.

The Apostolic Constitution Ex corde ecclesiae is accessible at this link.

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