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In brief!

Academic title: Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) of Communication Science (univ. bacc. comm.)

Duration of studies: 6 semesters

Completion of studies: a minimum of 180 ECTS credits and passing of all exams

In each semester, students enrol in compulsory and elective courses (a minimum of 30 ECTS credits).

As a rule, the students’ work in all courses is evaluated throughout the semester through periodic tests (preliminary exams, tests) and various activities at lectures, seminars and exercises (account for 70% of the final mark) and the final exam (accounts for 30% of the final mark). This model encourages students to study regularly and master the teaching material.

The programme of undergraduate university studies in Communication Science is available at this link.


What are you going to learn?
Undergraduate studies introduce students to different fields that Communication Science deals with, from interpersonal communication to communication via mass and new media, both at the theoretical and practical levels, and scientific disciplines akin to communication science. Communication courses make up the bulk of the study programme. However, interdisciplinarity is promoted to enhance the students’ general knowledge and expand their horizons beyond the profession. Thus, students enrol in courses in other disciplines and several courses in theology.



What can you do when you complete your studies?
This level of education is intended to acquire the required knowledge, competences and skills for graduate studies.


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Study programme:

Undergraduate university course of study in Communication Science – 1st year




Preddiplomski sveučilišni studij komunikologije - 1. godina