Docent Petra Palić from the Department of Sociology participated on May 11 and 12, 2023, in the first project meeting of the “Management Committee Meeting” of which she is a member and currently the only representative of the Republic of Croatia as part of the COST action CA21149 – “Reducing acrylamide exposure of consumers by a cereals supply-chain approach targeting asparagine (ACRYRED)”. The two-day meeting took place at the Agricultural Research Institute in Martonvásár, Hungary.

After the first day, dedicated to the analysis of the current state of the COST action CA21149 – Acryred with the members of the Board of Directors, on the second day assistant. Ph. D. Petra Palić presented the results so far and plans for appropriate activities in the context of achieving the goals of the working group “WG4 – Cereal supply chain economy”.

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