U sklopu svoga znanstvenog boravka na Sveučilištu Notre Dame, Chicago, SAD,  doc. dr. sc. Hrvoje Kekez održao je 6. studenog 2014. godine pozvano predavanje pod naslovom “War and the Origins of Croatian Identity: Origin, Preservation and Revivals of the Narrative of the Battle of Krbava (1493) as One of the Formatting Factors of the Collective Identity of Croatians”.

Predavanje je održano u sklopu tradicionalne serije predavanja “A Nanovic visiting Scholar Lunch Lecture”, a prisustvovao mu je i profesor James McAdams, direktor Nanovic Instituta i nositelj katedre William M. Scholl za međunarodne odnose na katoličkom Sveučilištu Notre Dame.

Kratki sažetak predavanja:

On September 9th, 1493, the military contingent led by Ban Emeric Derencsényi of Croatia, had suffered a decisive defeat from the Ottoman army on the Krbava field in present-day central Croatia. The long-lasting defensive war of the Kingdoms of Hungary and Croatia against the Ottomans had become one of the formative factors of shaping the collective identity of Croatians in the early modern period, but even more in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The main questions is how the story was transferred, where and for which reason; paying special emphasis on several revivals of the narrative in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and describing the political context of these revivals, that is how they were used for formation of collective identity of Croatians.


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