On 11 June 2021, the Catholic University of Croatia celebrated University day and the 15th anniversary of its founding. On that occasion, recognitions and awards were presented to individuals who stood out in the previous year. Based on the proposal of the Vice-Rector for Science, Prof Roberto Antolović, and of the Vice-Rector for Teaching, Associate Professor Roko Mišetić, Assistant Professor Dr Anto Čartolovni was awarded for his contribution to the development of science and teaching at the Catholic University of Croatia.

Dr Anto Čartolovni is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Croatia, head of the founding project „(New) ethical and social challenges of digital technologies in the health care“ of the Croatian Science Foundation, and research group leader of the Digit-HeaL lab. Dr. Čartolovni also received a doctoral student in the “Career Development Project for Young Researchers – Training of New Doctors of Science”. He is a co-applicant for several projects within the Horizon 2020 program and president of the University Ethics Committee. Excellent marks in student surveys show that in his courses Dr Čartolovni successfully transfers knowledge to students of various scientific fields.