On Thursday, June 1, 2023 the Day of the Catholic University of Croatia was celebrated. The program began with a Eucharistic celebration in the University Chapel led by the rector of CUC, prof. Ph.D. Željko Tanjić in concelebration with the University Chaplain, Rev. Branimir Jagodić. In his homily, Rector Tanjić pointed out: “We want to recognize Christ in our lives as the one who wants to shape us for a new life and new freedom, and to experience our existence as a response to the offer and call of communion with Christ within the call of the entire Christian community. … From this recognition, the uniqueness of the Christian mission in the world is constantly developing: together with Christ to work on the reconciliation of people with God and each other through the celebration of the signs of God’s presence, to “resurrect from the dead”, i.e. to witness hope in God’s love and acceptance of every human being and the world. , that life has meaning, that it is worth living and fighting, that one should not give in to the death of spirit and body, but also go through the falls to meet God.”

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