15th May 2021

Call for abstracts open

15th September 2021

10th October 2021

Abstract submission deadline

25th October 2021

Notification of abstract acceptance

25th November 2021

Programme of the conference

1st January 2022

Call for manuscript submission

1st March 2022

Manuscript submission deadline

Thematic areas

  • how individuals, groups and communities cope with crisis
  • risk factors and vulnerable groups in the process of coping with crisis
  • development of psychopathology as consequence of unsuccessful coping with crisis
  • mental health of children and adults in crisis
  • protective factors in crisis and coping with crisis (e.g. the role of religiosity / spirituality, sports and physical activities)
  • development of individual resilience and characteristics of resilient individuals
  • counselling, psychotherapy and support in crisis situations / psychological interventions in crisis situations
  • psychological /mental health of professionals participating in multidisciplinary teams operating in crisis situations
  • managing individuals and institutions in crisis situations
  • decision-making in crisis situations / ethical issues / moral distress
  • biological response to crisis situations
  • presentation and perception of crisis at an individual and group level / formation of individual and group perceptions of crisis (e.g. media presentations and reporting on crisis situations)
  • crisis situations in different periods of life (developmental crises-e.g. identity crisis, existential crises-internal conflicts, pregnancy and maternity crises, situational crises-natural disasters and catastrophes, economic crises, terrorism, violence, car accidents and others, epidemics and pandemics…)
  • role of the community in dealing with crisis, e.g. social support to individuals in dealing with crisis situations
  • the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and the role of experts of different profiles in a multidisciplinary team operating in crisis situations
  • research methodology in crisis situations
  • other
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