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Practicing Resilience – Preparing for Recovery


Welcome to the third summer school Practicing Resilience – Preparing for Recovery which will take place in Šibenik, Croatia, from June 27 until July 7, 2024, organized by the Catholic University of Croatia in strong partnership with the Nanovic Institute of the University of Notre Dame from the United States, the Ukrainian Catholic University from Ukraine, and the Catholic Universities Partnership.

The third summer school will bring together professors and renowned lecturers from numerous Catholic universities following the example of the past year. The process of empowering students and preparing them for resilience and recovery continues with 40 students from different Catholic universities around the world of which a minimum of 20 students will be from Ukraine.

The summer school program has an emphasis on the educational aspect, but will also include spiritual, social, cultural, and sports activities, due to its holistic approach. The participants of the summer school will be able to celebrate the Holy Mass in English every morning, and Divine Liturgy in the Ukrainian language during the program.

The idea of the Summer School Practicing Resilience – Preparing for Recovery was born in the community of the Catholic Universities Partnership as a sign of solidarity, friendship, and support for the Ukrainian people affected by the destruction of war. The main themes of the summer school are related to resilience and post-war recovery, which can encourage a spirit of community. One of the most important human abilities is the ability to successfully deal with a major life accident. This summer school is an opportunity to strengthen this ability and pass it on to others. War is one of the greatest tests of human resilience, especially when it lasts for a long time and resilience becomes necessary for longer periods. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that sooner or later the war ends and the challenge of rebuilding the war-torn country comes.

Some of the questions that this year’s program will try to answer: Are there universal approaches to the return of public life to a state of peace? What are the characteristics of the transition period and how achieve the sustainability of social development in the post-war period? What to strive for: recovery or transformation? What can be learned from successful and unsuccessful examples of post-war reconstruction in different countries? In the context of post-war recovery, examples of post-war recovery in neighboring countries, including the history of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, aspects of responding to trauma, and possible paths for new beginnings in the social and political context will also be looked at.

Accommodation for participants, lecturers, and organizers will be provided at the Catholic Primary School in Šibenik, Croatia. In addition to accommodation, 3 meals a day and transportation for cultural visits in free time are provided.

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Nanovic Institute, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, United States of America

Important dates

The third summer school Practicing Resilience – Preparing for Recovery which will take place in Šibenik, Croatia, from June 27 until July 7, 2024,

3 ECTS credits

Participants who will successfully participate in all activities will be awarded 3 ECTS credits.

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