Skill enhancement through music
Concepts, methods, and techniques to empower motor, cognitive, emotional, and communicative abilities with musical activities in children and adults

Lovran, 03-09 September 2023


Dear colleagues, friends, and dear associates,

It is my great honour and pleasure, after years in which it was not possible to organize a live program due to the COVID pandemic, to announce the second summer school  on the theme of ‘Music and Human Potential: Education, Empowerment, and Rehabilitation’.

The title of this year’s summer school is „Skill enhancement through music: Concepts, methods, and techniques to empower motor, cognitive, emotional, and communicative abilities with musical activities in children and adults”.

As you already know, music therapy is a clinically and scientifically proven application of musical interventions with the aim of achieving individualised and clearly defined goals in therapeutic, psychological, and educational relationships with the help of a specialised therapist. It represents the use of music and/or its elements (sound, rhythm, melody, harmony), individually or in a group process, so as to provide and enhance communication and learning, stimulate personal and sociale expression, match physical, emotional, and cognitive needs and achieve other important clinical goals. There are a number of different evidence-based models and methods in music therapy, adapted to people with various difficulties.

The goal of this summer school is to provide participants a set of concepts, practical tools, and techniques involving music, which are applicable across the life span (targeting children, adolescents, adults, elderly people). During the summer school the participants will be familiar with the practical application of music-based activities used for educational/edutainment, empowerment, prevention, and rehabilitation purposes in order to support the development of basic skills involved in everyday life, instruction, and professional practice. Therefore the main part of the programme will be addressed to let participants, thanks to practical examples and simulations, learn some operational skills useful to the application of the described rehabilitation procedures for different clients.

So, I invite you all to attend our summer school in the wonderful environment Domus Laurana in Lovran, wich is the oldest settlement on the Opatija Riviera. This venue is located 10 minutes’ drive from Madonna del Mare Statue in Opatija and it has a beach 10 minutes’ walk away.

We look forward to welcoming you in Lovran on 03-09 September 2023.


Ljiljana Pačić-Turk, PhD, Assoc. prof
Head of the Department of Psychology
Catholic University of Croatia

Important dates

24.4.2023. – 22.7.2023. – registration and registration fee payment

03-09 September 2023 – Summer School in Domus Laurana in Lovran

Certificate + 3 ECTS

After completing the programme, the participants will receive a Certificate of Programme/Summer School Attendance and acquired ECTS credits. The certificate will be accompanied by a document containing the list of subjects, learning outcomes, acquired competences and 3 ECTS credits.

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