Members of the Digit-HeaL team Ana Tomičić and Anamaria Malešević participated from July 19-30 in the summer school of the University of Tallinn. The course, entitled Design of Digital Service for Health Behavior Change, provided participants with basic knowledge of behavioral changes and techniques they can use in the digital domain to respond to health problems. Through workshops and group work, the participants applied what they had learned by producing a prototype application to address a chosen health-related issue. In collaboration with other members of their group, Ana and Anamaria designed an app that aims to educate women and raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of self-examination. This course provided an insight into the process of designing health applications that will be used in further reflection and health research work of the Digital healthcare ethics laboratory. The lectures and training were headed by professor Vladimir Tomberg and PhD student Farhat-Ul-Ain from the University of Tallinn.