On Tuesday, December 14, 2021, Anamaria Malešević and Luka Poslon were featured on Good Morning, Croatia in the Digital Morning broadcast, where they introduced the Digital Health Care Ethics Laboratory (Digit-HeaL): a 7-member interdisciplinary research group funded by the Croatian Science Foundation (HrZZ) and the Catholic University of Croatia (HKS), and led by Assistant Professor Anto Čartolovni.

They outlined the primary goal of their research group is to inform the responsible innovation, development and implementation of digital technologies in healthcare. Anamaria and Luka gave a brief overview of the team’s plans for the future. They shared their positive outlook on how the results of their research will help identify the ethical and social challenges that may impede the responsible and socially acceptable development of new digital technologies in healthcare.

They applauded the positive trends in digital technology use in health and healthcare but cautioned that there are important ethical, social, and legal implications of digital technology use in the area of health. Rather than for ethics to lag behind development and innovation, the Digit-HeaL research lab seeks to tackle them in a timely manner.