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Human Rights and Biomedicine in times of Covid-19

DH-BIO Statement on human rights considerations relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic

Strategic Action Plan on Human Rights and Technologies in Biomedicine

Opinion on Covid-19 and access to care

– Italian Committee for Bioethics – Comitato Nazionale per la Bioetica
La prof.ssa Laura PALAZZANI, ordinario di Filosofia del diritto, Libera Università Maria SS . Assunta
(LUMSA), Roma, Italia

Recent Progress of S&T Ethics Governance in China in the background of pandemic

Guoqing DAI, Director-General of Department of Supervision and Scientific Integrity, Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R.China

Prof. Dr. Vugar MAMMADOV, MD, JD, FCLM
Head, Azerbaijan unit, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics

Kenneth JOHANSSON, Chair of Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics

Lotta ERIKSSON, Head of the secretariat at the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics