Undergraduate Study in Psychology

At the undergraduate study in psychology students are required to attain a minimum of 180 ECTS credit points.

The undergraduate study program in psychology is aimed primarily at the orientation of students in various fields of psychology, studying content from scientific disciplines closely related to psychology, and at the acquisition of the knowledge, skills and competences which are necessary for graduate study in psychology. Students who complete their education at this level are able to perform jobs which requires the use of basic research methods, techniques for collecting  and statistical analysis of data, creating and conducting simple research and projects, presenting professional content etc. The completion of this level of education in psychology does not provide the qualifications needed for entering the practice of psychology, nor provide the necessary competences for it.

Academic title:
Upon completion of the under-graduate study, students acquire the academic title of Bachelor (Baccalaureus/Baccalaurea) in Psychology.

Duration of study: 6 semesters

Admission requirements:

To all our prospective students and anyone interested in the study of psychology at the Catholic University of Croatia, we would recommend staying up-to-date with the information on enrollment by visiting the website of the Catholic University of Croatia Hrvatsko katoličko sveučilište and the portal Postani student.

Requirements for enrollment in subsequent years of study and repetition of the year of study:

The requirements for the enrollment in the subsequent years of study are regulated by the Regulations on Study Programs and Studying of the Catholic University of Croatia.

The program of the undergraduate study in psychology also prescribes the additional requirements for enrollment in the subsequent years of study:
1. To enroll in the second year of study, students are required to complete the following exams: Descriptive Statistics
2. To enroll in the third year of study students are required to complete the following exams: Inferential Statistics, Psychology of Childhood


Further information: