Observational studies:

Psih Lab web 2


The observation lab consists of observation room and control room separated by a one-way observation mirror. In this lab it is possible to simultaneously or delayed observe and analyze the behavior of individuals and groups in different situations.

Equipment in observation room:

  • two remotely controlled PTZ HD IP dome cameras
  • two built-in microphones
  • speaker for communication with control room

Equipment in control room:

  • professional workstation with two large monitors
  • device for coding video and audio recordings
  • push-to-talk microphone for two-way audio communication between the control and observation room

Software solutions:

  • Noldus Media Recorder
  • Noldus Observer XT


Psih Lab web 7


Laboratory for experimental psychology is a specially isolated room with two computers and software solutions for experimental psychology research and computerized behavioral experiments. The room is equipped with a wall camera located above the computer and connected to control room workstation in observation lab.


  • two desktop computers with monitors
  • two Serial Response Boxes
  • Foot Pedal
  • Voice Key
  • DirectIN High Speed Button Box
  • wall camera
  • microphone


Software solutions:

  • two E-prime 2.0 Professional
  • two MediaLab v2014
  • two DirectRT v2014