Dear prospective students,

You are faced with an important decision regarding the choice of your studies. The study of psychology at the Catholic University of Croatia is a good choice for both your professional and personal development.

The study program of psychology was created following the example of related studies in this field, in prominent European and American, and especially Catholic universities. Shared principles arising froma the Bologna declaration and European Diploma in Psychology are respected in the program, as well as ethical principles in the work of psychologists, relating to respect for the human rights and dignity of each person, a high level of competence in work, and professional and scientific responsibility towards the people with whom they come into professional contact, and towards the community and society in which they live and work.


The main aim of the education of future psychologists is

the application and improvement of psychological knowledge, models and methods in an ethical and scientific manner, in order to promote the development, well-being and effectiveness of individuals, groups, organizations and society. The study program in psychology endeavours to ensure the prerequisites and environment in which scientific research, teaching, preparation for independent work in the profession and education as an integral part of the development of each person are conducted. Apart from the scientific foundations of studying, the program is also governed by the idea of intellectual openness and cooperation with related sciences and other study programs in  psychology in Croatia and the world.


The program is also governed by the idea of intellectual openness and cooperation with related sciences and other psychology study programs.

During the course of your study you will learn various research methods and data collection techniques, methods of statistical data analysis, approaches to the assessment of abilities, traits and functioning of individuals, models and theories which explain experiences and behavior of individuals and groups under different circumstances and in different contexts, and develop skills that are important in the context of continuing proffesional development and lifelong learning.

We hope you will join our young academic community and contribute to its growth and development with your abilities and talents!



Our students on studying at CUC:


Tatjana Hašperger_

Tajana Hašperger

What I like the most about the Catholic University of Croatia (CUC) is the friendly atmosphere, professors who are always available and who motivate us with their expertise to do our best, as well as the pleasant premises of the University itself. CUC has fulfilled all my expectations!

Anamarija Parić_

Anamarija Parić

A highly enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere prevails throughout CUC, and that includes the Department of Psychology. The professors are extremely friendly and approachable and they encourage students to think critically and conduct their own research.

Gabriela Galić_

Gabriela Galić

As far as the study of psychology at CUC goes, I am thrilled about the positive atmosphere among students. The professors and the staff at the University do an outstanding job thus making our days as students enjoyable.

Our professors on studying at CUC:



Tihana Brkljačić, PHD, Assistant Professor

At the Department of Psychology of the Catholic University of Croatia students have the opportunity to acquire modern methodological, theoretical and practical knowledge and skills which will enable them to work in different branches of psychology. Simultaneously to that we foster an approach aimed at developing students’ critical thinking, openness, tolerance, responsibility and respect, independence in work, as well as the skills needed to cooperate with others. Our goal is to educate exemplary experts who possess the competences to work and collaborate with others on promoting the well-being of individuals and the society and to serve the public good, all the while respecting the general principle of affirmation of life and the fundamental human values.

Dragan Glavas_

Dragan Glavaš, mag. psych., Asistant

With the help of modern approach to teaching and learning at CUC, you can get acquainted with the wealth of knowledge that psychology offers. Build and enrich your creativity and pioneering spirit by entering this challenging and exceptionally interesting area of study and research of this undoubtedly important field of science for human welfare.