Undergraduate study in History

At the under-graduate study in history students are required to attain a minimum of 180 ECTS credit points.

The under-graduate study  is primarily aimed at the acquisition of the necessary knowledge, competences and skills important for profession in history. It also serves as an introduction to various stages of history (the Ancient history, the Middle ages, the Modern and contemporary history), but also offers the possibility of expanding intellectual and theoretical frameworks through elective subjects in other disciplines.

The aim of the under-graduate study in history is to develop critical thought and independence in work, and to master research methodology and skills in drawing up and presenting a scientific research.


Academic title:

Upon completion of the undergraduate study, students acquire the academic title of Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) in History.

Duration of study: 6 semesters

 Admission requirements:

To all our prospective students and anyone interested in the study History at the Catholic University of Croatia, we would recommend staying up-to-date with the information on enrollment by visiting the website of the Catholic University of Croatia and the portal Become a student

Requirements for enrollment in subsequent years of study and repetition of the year of study:

The requirements for the enrollment in the subsequent years of study are regulated by the Regulations on Study Programs and Studying of the Catholic University of Croatia.


Further information about the course: