Graduate Study in History

The graduate study in history lasts two years and leads to the attainment of 120 ECTS credit points (60 ECTS credit points per year).

The graduate study deepens the knowledge and develops the skills acquired during the under-graduate study program, that is critical thought and independence in work, and mastering research methodology and skills in drawing up and presenting a scientific research. The graduate study in history enables a student to be progressively more focussed, moving from basic education towards increasing specialization through two courses:

  • The Ancient World and the Middle Ages
  • Contemporary History.

With the completion of the graduate study program the student attains the academic title of Master (magister) of History. The student attains a diploma in higher professional education and the possibility of enrolling in a post-graduate university study program.

Since the start of the academic year 2013/2014, students of the Catholic University of Croatia have been provided with an opportunity to acquire competencies required for work in educational institutions.


Further information about the course