Department of History – A Word from the Head of the Department

Doc. dr. sc. Ivan Majnarić

Ivan Majnarić, PhD,
Assistant Professor
Head of the Department of History 

Who are we?

The study of history is the first degree course established at the Catholic University of Croatia (acronym: CUC). The idea behind it was to enrich the Croatian education system by introducing something new.

What is the course program like?

The history program at CUC starts from that which is closer to us, and the easiest to understand and learn. Throughout the first two years, semester by semester, starting from the 20th century, we backtrack further and further into the past, going all the way to the earliest periods of history, the ancient times. The actual birth of history coincides with the first written documents: without them, there is no history.

Since a true historian cannot thrive without the application of proper research methods, critical thinking, or writing skills, in addition to fact-based knowledge of history, the program strives for the students to acquire, develop and apply analytical thinking, critical approach and an exceptional level of writing skills.

The courses are carried out in line with the modern scientific standards and the Bologna Process, which enables the students to shape their education in the best way possible.


Acquisition, development and application of analytical thinking, critical approach and a high level of literacy.

The Catholic University of Croatia and its values

CUC strives for scientific excellence and stays up-to-date with the latest trends in science. We pay special attention to both the scientific and Christian values that are embedded in the foundations of civilisation: respect for human dignity, personal growth, search for truth, desire for freedom and openness to others and those who are different from us. These are the very values on which first universities were built within the embrace of the Church with the aim to educate new generations, who will strive for knowledge and truth in the spirit of Christianity.


Creative atmosphere − the basis for excellence of work and knowledge of students and future citizens.

Acknowledging the rich historical and spiritual heritage, in educating new generations, CUC endeavours to address the challenges of the 21th century.

We find it particularly important to build the academic community in an warm, friendly and creative atmosphere that will serve as the basis for excellence in the work and expertise of our students, the future citizens.

We would like to invite all of you to join us and become part of our academic community!