Department of Nursing


In brief!

Academic title: Master of Nursing (mag. med. techn.)

Duration of studies: 4 semesters

Completion of studies: a minimum of 120 ECTS credits, passing of all exams and thesis defence presentation

In each semester, students take compulsory and elective courses. In most of the courses, the students’ work is evaluated throughout the semester during periodic testing at seminars, preliminary exams, (clinical) training and other activities as well as the final exam. This model encourages students to study regularly and master their teaching material.


The programme of graduate university studies in Nursing is available at this link.


What are you going to learn?
Graduate university studies are aimed at perfecting critical thinking and independence in work, mastering research methodology and skills of drafting and presenting scientific papers and assuming personal and team responsibility in the discharge of every-day and complex tasks under ordinary and extraordinary conditions of health care provision. During the studies, students acquire special knowledge and skills in palliative medicine and palliative care. Upon completion of these studies, the students have social skills that will improve their communication in their working environment, with patients and their families, as well as the social community.


What can you do after your studies?

Having completed graduate studies, the students will be able to obtain employment at all levels of the health care system (primary, secondary, tertiary), as well as outside the health care system in educational institutions and social welfare institutions offered.


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