Anamaria Malešević and Luka Poslon, both doctoral candidates from the Digital healthcare ethics (Digit-HeaL) laboratory, attended the international summer school “Health Care Analysis in an International Perspective”, which took place from 4 to 7 July 2022 in Bucharest (Romania), hosted by Stockholm University and the University of Bucharest.

The International Summer School brought together 29 selected students from all over Europe for an in-depth insight into the analysis of health care provision from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. Prominent experts introduced the students to the theory and methodology for social and economic health care and health policy assessment and presented different health institutions as case studies.

The key areas of focus at the summer school included: health systems around the world, health economics and economic evaluation, evaluation of the impact of health policies, quality of life, health care ethics, COVID-19, and health care analysis, quality and performance indicators in hospitals.

The learning outcomes attained through the summer school are: understanding the different financing systems of health systems, understanding the difference in the organization of health care provision, learning to identify and measure the costs and consequences of health interventions, applying ethical concepts and theories when analyzing health care, understanding how basic statistical tools can help in obtaining important practical results, understanding case study analysis from an interdisciplinary perspective.

As such, the summer school “Health Care Analysis in an International Perspective” proved to be a significant contributor to the advancement of knowledge and further education of PhD candidates Malešević and Poslon in the field of ethics of digital technologies in health care. Attending this summer school, the doctoral students deepened their understanding of the interconnected scientific fields in healthcare and expanded their knowledge of the application of ethical concepts and theories to the analysis of healthcare.