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Ana Tomičić

Ana Tomičić is a member of the Digit-HeaL research group.

Postdoctoral researcher at the Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb. Graduated Cultural anthropology at the University of Zagreb, and obtained her PhD in 2017 from La Sapienza University of Rome, in the field of Social psychology.

Her main research interests focus on the formation processes of social representations and the dynamics of social inequalities.

Participated in interdisciplinary and international projects So.Re.Com (La Sapienza, Italy) and R.E.L.I.E.F. (University College London, Great Britain). Completed two study secondments at the University of Geneva (2015) and Masaryk University in Brno (2017).

She was awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship for her doctoral thesis “Value For Money?” Perspectives from the Social Sciences on the Impact of a Market-Driven Academia.



Tomicic, A., Gjorgjioska, A. (in progress). Towards Critical Social Representations Theory

Book chapters


Tomicic, A., Berardi, F. (2020). Pedagogical Renewal in a Postcolonial Context: An Examination of the Cognitive Injustice of Mainstream Socio-Psychological Epistemology and Teaching. In Postcolonial turn and geopolitical uncertainty (pp. 131-150). Lexington Books New York, London


Tomicic, A. (2018). Facing the challenges of a world of increasing complexity – A rhizomatic intermezzo in the study of Social Representations; a representational break in approaches to learning. ACCI (Asoc. Cultural y Científica Iberoameric.), Madrid.



Gjorgjioska, M. A., Tomicic, A. (2019). The crisis in social psychology under neoliberalism: Reflections from social representations theory. Journal of Social Issues, 75(1), 169-188.
Tomicic, A. (2019). American dream, Humboldtian nightmare: Reflections on the remodelled values of a neoliberalized academia. Policy Futures in Education, 1478210319834825.


Tomicic, A. (2018). Taking the gilt off the gingerbread: Reverberations of the metrics cult (ure) on the theory of social representations. Papers on Social Representations, 5-1.
Tomicic, A., Berardi, F. (2018). Between past and present: The Sociopsychological constructs of colonialism, Coloniality and Postcolonialism. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science, 52(1), 152-175.

Sharlamanov, K., & Tomičić, A. (2018). An overview of major microsociological contributions in the field of sociology of communication. Sociologija, 60(3), 583-594.