Luka Štefanić

Luka Štefanić is a Master’s student of Psychology at Catholic University of Croatia and  was born in Split, Croatia. He is a member of the Student Council and has experience in the implementation of questionnaires, event planning and university meetings. As a Peer representative in the second and third year of his Bachelor’s degree, he developed the skills of formal communication and group leadership. Had work experiences as a field interviewer for Institute of social sciences Ivo Pilar and volunteering experiences in the promotion of mental health and leading workshops in projects „Pogled u sebe“ and „Mind the Mind“. Currently, he is a volunteer for NGO „Maštara“ where his main activities are planning and leading workshops for adolescents and work with children.  

He was an attendee of entrepreneurial Erasmus+ project „ACCESS TO SUCCESS“ where he had experiences with international teams and planning a business project. Member of student club of psychology „Hexis“ in which he was a speaker in the project „Night of psychology“ and presenter in the project „Week of psychology“. Has C1 level of English language (with Cambridge certificate) and knows the Italian language. He is actively expanding knowledge through online courses and attending scientific conferences.   


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