• Early child development and support of parenting for the youngest children
  • Determinants of parenting, well-being of parents, and support for responsible parenthood
  • Risk and protective factors of positive and negative developmental outcomes
  • Partner, marital, and family relationships and well-being of children and youth
  • The role of education in the development of children and youth
  • Youth in the labour market: challenges and solutions
  • Characteristic, well-being, and resilience of children, youth, and families at risk and unfavourable living and social circumstances
  • New technologies and media in the context of protection and promotion of the well-being of children and youth
  • Traditional and contemporary theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of well-being
  • Counselling and therapy with children, youth, and families for the prevention of psychopathology and improving positive development
  • The programmes and social policies aimed at improving the well-being and quality of life of children, youth, and families
  • Pro-natal policies, trends, and perspectives of the demographic development in Croatia


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