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Under-graduate course in Communication Sciences

During the under-graduate course the students are required to acquire a minimum of 180 ECTS credit points.

During the under-graduate program, students will be introduced to various areas studied within the discipline of communication science, from interpersonal communication to communication through the mass and new media, both on theoretical and practical level, and will study the contents of science disciplines related to the communication science. In addition, students are offered the possibility to enroll in a number of elective subjects that are not related to the communication science itself and thus broaden and enrich their own intellectual and theoretical horizons.

The under-graduate course in communication sciences is designed to help students acquire basic knowledge, competencies and skills necessary for the graduate course in communication sciences.

If students decide to complete their education at this level, they will have acquired the training necessary for jobs and tasks which, among other things, require the following knowledge and skills:

  • basic knowledge of research methodologies;
  • ability to design simple media programs and projects;
  • skills of understanding professional literature;
  • ability to write technical and research reports;
  • skills needed to perform basic tasks in journalism (print and news agency journalism, radio broadcast journalism, television journalism, on-line journalism, etc.) and public relations, etc.

The academic title awarded upon completion of the studies:
Upon completion of the under-graduate course in communication science, students acquire the academic title of Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) of Communication Science (univ. bacc. comm.).

Course duration:  6 semesters

Admission requirements:
A decision on the conditions for admission of regular students in the first year of single-major under-graduate university courses of history, psychology, sociology and communication science at the Catholic University of Croatia for the academic year 2015/2016.

Admission in the subsequent year and repetition of an academic year:
Admission requirements for the subsequent academic year comply with Article 63 and Article 65 of the Ordinance on Study Regulations and Programs, while the requirements for a repeat year comply with Article 66 of the same Ordinance.

The university under-graduate course of communication science prescribes additional requirements for the admission in the subsequent academic year. Under-graduate students of communication science can enroll in the second year of studies, if, by the time of enrollment into the second year, they have collected at least 50 ECTS credits points during the first year and passed the following exams:

  • Introduction to Communication Sciences
  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Introduction to Public Relations

Under-graduate students of communication science can enroll in the third year of studies, if, by the time of enrollment into the third year, they have collected at least 100 ECTS credits points during the first two years and passed the following exams:

  • Statistics Basics
  • Theories of the Media

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Raspored konzultacija izvođača nastave za zimski semestar akademske godine 2016./2017. možete preuzeti OVDJE.


Satnicu HKS-a možete preuzeti OVDJE