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Anto Čartolovni

Anto Čartolovni research group and Digit-HeaL laboratory leader.

Assistant professor at the Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb.

He received his PhD in Bioethics in 2016 from the Institute for Bioethics and Medical Humanities at the Faculty of Medicine, Catholic University Sacred Heart in Rome.

His main research areas are Ethics of emerging technologies (AI, Big data), Philosophy of technology, Bioethics, Neuroethics and Philosophy of medicine.

He has published extensively on various topics in bioethics, philosophy and ethics of emerging technologies etc. He is currently involved in several international and national projects and has been engaged as an ethics expert in several ethical committees and IRB boards.

PI of the installation research project „(New) Ethical and Social Challenges of Digital Technologies in the Healthcare Domain (Digit-HeaL)- UIP-2019-04-3212“ funded by the Croatian Science Foundation.



Čartolovni A. Ethical and anthropological aspects of the emerging field of neuroprosthetics. Rome: Aracne editrice; 2017.



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